What You Need to
Know When Architecting
for Any Cloud

As organizations move towards hybrid and multi-cloud architectures, applications are being redesigned to run on multiple cloud platforms. These applications must be adaptable enough to run on any cloud, despite the differences between platforms and can be easily migrated or scaled between the different clouds.

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About LogDNA

LogDNA is a highly scalable enterprise-grade log management solution serving more than 2,000 customers, from startups to Fortune 100 companies. LogDNA enables teams to effortlessly aggregate system and application logs under a single platform, whether you are logging on-premise or in the cloud. LogDNA provides lightning-fast parsing, indexing, and live tail, with the ability to ingest millions of events per second and petabytes of log data per day.

With LogDNA, your teams can quickly access log data to monitor operations, diagnose and troubleshoot problems, and deliver higher quality service to your customers. We believe in a world of zero downtime, and that means providing easy access to the data that matters.

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